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Richard writes:

>        The statements concerning crime are overstatements.  Contrary to
>the basic anti-labor position taken, labor unions serve their purpose.

Labor unions do serve their purpose, their own purpose!

Some comments on the strike:

*I find it interesting that people who are among the better paid in
this country are on strike (although it is not clear whether they would
be if they were allowed to vote on the offer).  I can think of a few
companies that treat their employees poorly, and they would be better
off as part time employees for UPS.

*It has been noted that UPS has made large profits of late, and that
the employees should be seeing record benefits.  I agree that a company
needs to reward its workers for the gains they make.  However, when a
union demands this, will they also be willing to contribute back when
times are bad?  The problem is that when times are tough, the only
concessions are made by the poor people who lose their jobs in order to
maintain the elevated wages of those who remain.

*UPS workers have wages well above average.  The use of part time
employees are, to a large degree, the result of UPS attempting to
reduce that cost.  Consider if the union could negotiate doubling their
member's salaries.  What would a company then do-  automate, employ
part time help, subcontract?  Does this sound familiar?  The Teamsters
are, in fact, a significant cause for the large numbers of part time
employees at UPS.

*A recurring theme on this list is how the media often slants stories
to the left.  I find this strike to be a very good example of this.
Most of the coverage, both locally and nationally, tells the story of
the strikers- you see the picket lines, talk with the average Joe
striker, here the union leaders- people shouting, spirited speeches.
This is a story!  The company, on the over hand is boring- no rallies,
only simple press conferences.

*Why does UPS have such a large portion of the market?  Why hasn't
there been an influx of new companies?  Would a new company be allowed
to operate without the Teamsters?  Any answers out there?

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