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John Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Wed Aug 13 19:53:20 MDT 1997

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Richard Whitenight wrote:

:-)More and more I believe that the true organized crime in this nation of our's
:-)is not the mafia, although they are a big factor in crime, but the real
:-)organized crime effort in this county are the unions.  UPS is being held

I wholly agree with that.  When I was a respected Union member, we
(and I cringe when I say "we")  didn't officially promote things like
"jacks" (bent nails welded together for the sole purpose of puncturing
tires of car, trucks, etc., who dared cross our picket line, but we
sure talked openly about it amongst ourselves when they were being
crafted in the privacy of a two-car garage. Once just before my union
went on strike, when I accidentally ruined a product in the process of
moving it with a fork lift, a howling cheer went up from the factory
floor.  I couldn't believe they'd thought I'd done it purposely!  But
then, they had the wisdom of the UAW behind them, so anything that
smacked of sabotage was greeted with open arms (or mouths).

When some of "our guys" decided to follow some of the delivery trucks
when they left the plant, the Illinois State Police did their job and
stopped them.  This went over big with the Union, too.  I heard
accusations of, "Nazis", "storm-troopers", and other assorted (and
unprintable on RUSHTALK) names these officers were called as they did
their jobs.  That's "Union Solidarity" for you.

I have some foul opinions on Unions...and they're all formed from
being a member of one of the biggest and "most respectable" unions in
the US.  I know that the Republicans supported (and this has been
tossed my way as a defense of unions in the US) Solidarnosc in Poland
when Lech Valessa was being torn up by the government there.  But that
union was against the communist government of Poland.  Here, in the
US, unions are also against the closest kin of the democratic
government there can be; capitalism.  Now, someone tell me that's not
true...why I oughddda...

:-)there jobs...that's as American as apple pie and Chevrolet.

And the Teamsters and the UAW are as American as Kruschev and vodka!

John Hammes

PS: I heard on Rush today that you can't resign your union membership
if you're not a member in good standing (although, when they see this,
I may not officially be a member in good standing like my card says).
What a dilemma! :)

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