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At 06:50 PM 8/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>My boss yelled at me today for not keeping my customers happy.  Doesn't he
>I'm doing all I can?  RPS, no new customers, Air Borne, No new customers, Fed
>Ex, three packages, postal service, four packages.  What can I do?  We sell
>medical kits all over the US.  I had a nurse call me today, she was
sobbing on
>the phone.  What can I say? She lives in Tx, I live in Il.   Forgive me as I
>scream.....Sh.....!!!!!   Someone do something.
>        Mr Bill , help me, please.
>Broken hearted

Something is wrong. USPS is not limiting packages according to the PM
General on the news tonight. In fact he is encouraging businesses to use
USPS to increase its market share (amazing what free enterprise will do for
a formerly government bureacracy). The hope is to win back the masses of
business lost a long time ago to UPS. They have hired 2700 people and
everyone is working overtime (any former UPS workers out there want a job?).
The PMG said, "We want to prove to everyone out there that we know what we
are doing." If your local PM is limiting packages then I'd complain to
higher authority. My company is shipping over 100 packages/day via USPS.

On another front the news interviewed a bunch of striking whiners.They
talked about how strike pay was already running out and how they could not
afford to eat. They showed donated food for strikers in a thinly veiled
attempt to solicit sympathy. My wife and I listened, with our jaws on the
floor, to one striker whine about how she didn't know how she was going to
pay bills and eat. We both blurted out at the same time, "get a job." The
mentailty of Americans these days is disgusting.

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