UPS revisited

Helen Cadogan editors at TCLQ.ORG
Wed Aug 13 21:40:13 MDT 1997

The other big union, forgot the name of it, is loaning Teamsters $10M *per
week*.  When will Teamsters repay that union?  How will Teamsters do it?
Who's going to feel the pain?  Hear tell real pressure is being brought to
bear on UPS.  Some airlines have promised not to carry UPS packages; pilots
union have joined with Teamsters and the fly-boys are refusing to fly with
UPS packages.

I'm wondering if Poppa Bubba has a vested interest in this strike
continuing.  I'm wondering exactly what it is.

Glad to hear  you'll still be there, cas.

You got $3M in nickles, dimes, quarters, cas?  Will they take it?  Like a
shot!  It's unmarked money, hey! It can be laundered at MacDonalds, Mena,
Castle Grande, Switzerland, etc. by Bob Bennett, and a whole host of the
faithful.  Where's Ron Brown when they reallyl need him?

>> Yesterdays WSJ has a letter from the UPS Gary McDougal to the Teamsters
>> Ron Carey which lays out the real reasons for the strike.  It's not money
>> ($50,000/yr) or fringe ($20,000), it's union politics and power.  Such
>> knows no bounds.
>> John Nebel
>        You have stated something I have begun to think about.  This has
>moved from,
>'our poor union members' to something more personal.  If Ron loses this
>he may also lose his good standing as the boss of the teamsters.  A loss of
>this strike may mean a loss of his job, therefore, he has to go all the way.
>        I also noticed that Mr Bill has moved from, 'The strike has not
>met the law of
>hurting the health of the country that would let me step in'  to  ' I'm not
>going to get involved.'
>        I had my account executive from UPS visit me today.  He just
>wanted to harn me
>that this is going all the way, UPS is not going to give in in any way .  It
>may last another couple of weeks, who knows?   He hopes I support his side and
>will still be here when it's over.
>        Well, I guess if we don't lose all our business before this is
>over, I'll
>still be here.
>deep sigh,
>Helen, Do you think they would take, nickles, dimes and quarters?


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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