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        Granted the calendar shows 1997, various organizations retain their
usefulness.  Constructive actions unfortunately are seldom recipients of
much publicity.

        Some unions and other groups may be quite constructive in mediating
a local dispute, which of course is cheaper and simpler than settling
things in court.

        The existence of governmental mechanisms for assistance in
promoting a solution, does not negate the added flexibility reflected in
private ones.

        Life is not static.  If certain unions have created a gap between
members and officials, they are likely to wither in time.  The extent of
such a gap however is not always easy to measure.  No organization can be
all things to all members.

        Here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, there are unions or
organizations with members being police officers, firefighters, etc.  While
not  angelic, they do serve to make top brass think twice about arbitrary
actions.  This seems to reflect a "checks & balances" notion.

        I myself have never been a "union" member, but I have belonged to
various "associations".  These associations have been useful in securing
better conditions for teachers & students.  They have made state
legislators more aware of educational problems.

        Crime knows few limits.  It should be countered, wherever it
whether it be blue-collar or white-collar in nature.

         My reference earlier to the November election results merely
reflects the idea that it is time to move on.  Handwringing accomplishes
little.  I did not become ill over the results of previous presidential
elections, even though my vote may have gone to a losing candidate.  Over
the years I have paid little attention to campaign rhetoric, which tries to
give the impression that every election is a Great Divide.  It has been
comparable to the reaction of a judge who often hears that "this particular
case" is the "most heinous" one in the county.  Not surprisingly, I have
not been impressed with claims of "mandates" by winners.

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