Great American Thinkers

Helen Cadogan editors at TCLQ.ORG
Thu Aug 14 18:29:36 MDT 1997

>I saw M. Manson on TV last night passing himself off
>as a deep thinker.  He proclaimed that his mission
>was to make people "think".  I had to ask myself,
>"Think about WHAT?"  In my mind's eye I had  a
>vision of tens of thousands of his Fans, each sitting
>on a wisdom rock, head slightly bent, elbow on knee,
>knuckled fist to chin and just sittin there and thinkin
>and thinkin...
>Regards, PapaPaul

How 'bout this, PapaPaul?

Swoof, swoof.  Snoof, snoof.  Dag, smoked my last joint/sniffed my last
line ...  where's the bread for the next joint/line gonna come from?


Helen Cadogan

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth!

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