UPS revisited-Dennis

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Aug 14 22:46:14 MDT 1997

Oooops, CAS and Dennis, I looked,,,,
And I am happy for both of you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But,,,, that is GREAT news !!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:49 PM 8/14/97 -0500, cas wrote:
>        No one else look....I am sending you hugs and kisses Dennis.  I
told my boss
>what you had said about shipping 100 packages a day.  He called someone, next
>thing I know, the local post master 'comes' to our business and asks how many
>packages can we have ready in an hour, they were sending in a truck to
pick it
>up.  We sent out tons of stuff.  Although the price is almost double and we
>could not afford it for long, at least in the short term, I'll keep my
>customers happy.
>        My boss never said thanks, but I think he was happy.  Or maybe he
thought it
>was his idea?
>        Thanks Dennis.
>>." If your local PM is limiting packages then I'd complain to higher
>authority. My >company is shipping over 100 packages/day via USPS.
>> Dennis

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