More clinton lies (surprise!)

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For those that are not on the NRA alerts list here is yet another clinton
lie. As if we needed more to remind us what jerks we Americans are for
electing him.

                          NRA GRASSFIRE!

                The Official Newsletter of NRA-ILA
                         September, 1997


     Hoping that going on the offensive would provide him with a
good defense, President Clinton has elevated the falsehoods
surrounding the Brady Act to new heights. Obviously anticipating
that the Supreme Court would strike down the "mandated background
check" provision of the Brady Act, the President, along with
Sarah Brady, began touting their latest statistics on the Brady
Act's "success." (For a complete summary of the Court's decision,
see the article on this subject in the September issue of the
American Guardian.) Previously, the President, Attorney General
Janet Reno, and others used the inflated figure of 186,000 to
note the number of felons, fugitives, and stalkers they claimed
were prevented from buying a handgun under Brady. That 186,000
figure was derived from a February 1997 Bureau of Justice
Statistics (BJS) report that concluded that of nine million
handgun transactions nationwide, 186,000 (2%) were rejected. The
President, in turn, incorrectly claimed that the BJS study showed
that the Brady Act had resulted in 186,000 handgun purchase
attempts by prohibited persons being denied. However, the BJS
stated on the front page of its report the 186,000 was a national
estimate. Recognizing that 18 states and the District of Columbia
have never been subject to Brady's five-day waiting period, BJS
noted only 86,000 denials occurred in the 32 "original Brady
states." Even that figure is inflated, however, because 12 of
those 32 states are no longer subject to Brady, having adopted
instant check or other laws in the past three years.
Additionally, many Brady-exempt states conduct records checks on
people who purchase long guns, while Brady only applies to
handguns. However, prior to the Court's ruling, Mr. Clinton upped
the ante by unveiling his newest "success statistic." According
to the President, apparently in the course of a few months, the
number of felons denied handgun purchases under Brady
miraculously skyrocketed to 250,000!

     Even if that claim was true, "handgun purchase
denials"--warranted or not (data indicates that most denials are
not)--is not the standard by which the Brady Act should be
judged. Rather, the effectiveness of a law titled the "Handgun
Violence Prevention Act" should be measured by how much handgun
violence is prevented. And on that test, Brady is a failure, as
we know our prisons aren't bursting at the seams from "felons"
who violated federal law by attempting to purchase a handgun. In
fact, there have still been only three individuals who've seen
the inside of a prison cell for violating the Brady Act.
Unfortunately, in addition to the numerous individuals who've
been denied a handgun purchase under the Brady Act because they
had unpaid parking tickets or had the same name as a prohibited
person, the truth apparently will continue to be another casualty
of this misguided law.

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