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At 10:49 PM 8/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>        No one else look....I am sending you hugs and kisses Dennis.  I
told my boss
>what you had said about shipping 100 packages a day.  He called someone, next
>thing I know, the local post master 'comes' to our business and asks how many
>packages can we have ready in an hour, they were sending in a truck to
pick it
>up.  We sent out tons of stuff.  Although the price is almost double and we
>could not afford it for long, at least in the short term, I'll keep my
>customers happy.
>        My boss never said thanks, but I think he was happy.  Or maybe he
thought it
>was his idea?
>        Thanks Dennis.

I never said it would be cheap. But paying extra (even if it is double) will
be a good investment when it prevents your customers from going somewhere
else. Better to lose a few dollars now and make it up later then keep a few
dollars now and lose it all later. Glad to be of help and promote
competition and free enterprise. Actually the more competition there is the
better it is for me so there are some selfish motives involved.

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