Crime, Unions, etc.

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Aug 18 22:02:08 MDT 1997

My introduction to unions was not a pleasant experience.
Shortly after beginning a 2-year consulting contract with
the client I found myself one day in the lab just getting
ready to pick up a microscope and carry it across the
aisle.  "NO!" someone shouted.  I had to wait TWO hours
to get a union guy with the right classification to come
do that.  This in an industry that was being ravaged  by
Japanese competition!  This can't be all that common, I
told myself.  Sadly, it was the rule.  When I later saw the
union folks on TV bemoaning the closure of the facility they
were blaming everyone except watashi.

Regards,  PapaPaul

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