Food For Thought

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Aug 21 09:04:43 MDT 1997

"One must fight, if only to have fought 
  according to one's conscience"
August 21, 1997

                 Food For Thought

LET’S MAKE A DEAL .....Secretary of State
Albright offered the Serbian “thug” Karadzic
asylum if he would leave the Serbian part of
Bosnia.  He refused with a knowing smile.

BILL’S “PET ROCKS” .... aka The White House
Press Corps.  Imagine what Nixon could have
done with their “softball” questions  if they 
were around during his Watergate days.  

HOW DO YOU SPELL “NIGHTMARE?” .... John Kasich, 
House Budget Chairman spelled it “DREAM” as he 
euphorically referred to the infamous government
growing Budget Deal as a “dream come true.”

THE DEMAGOGUE’S NEW WEAPON .... Urge the passage 
of any and all welfare bills “FOR OUR KIDS’ SAKE.”  
Who would dare to vote against the little ones?

THE FINE ART OF GROPING .... It’s not sexual
harassment, it’s consensual sex if Prez Bill does 
it in the Oval Office.  One could say, he’s groping 
his way thru history. Wonder what Hillary calls it.

WHO DAT? .... The Clinton “auto-response” when asked 
about John Huang and his 50K$ “gift.”   

BILL’S  “KEPT LADY” ... If anyone questioned why he 
kept A.G. Reno in his 2nd term cabinet, they now have 
the answer as she fine tunes her “obstruction of justice” 
to obfuscate the ever growing evidence of criminal 
activities by Bill and his “friends.”

Kenneth E. Wyman

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