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Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Thu Aug 21 10:27:16 MDT 1997

PapaPaul writes:

>At 07:21 AM 8/19/97 -0400, Gary Freitag wrote:

>        <<<<< S N I P >>>>>>

>>At a place of previous employment, my office was being moved from one
>>building to another.  I was not allowed to move any of my stuff, and
>>the labor agreement required a single individual to handle that work.
>>The backlog was about 2 weeks, so I was told to interoffice mail
>>everything- books, papers, stapler, telephone...
>>gfreitag at

>        That is downright BEAUTIFUL.
>        You gotta write a book, Gary, and you
>        gotta include this piece.

>        PapaPaul

Your an inspiration!  When you sign up to be a contributor, I'll go for

For everyone else, a while back I sent PapaPaul an e-mail asking if he
would be interested in taking part of writing a book.  I figure so much
effort goes into this list, wouldn't there be a way to take that effort
and create something larger.  But that is about as far as I got, with
family and work consuming my summer.  This is something I would really
like to do, but need a big kick to get going.  So I will put the idea
before the group.  If you are interested, why don't you get in touch
with me, and we will see where this takes us.

gfreitag at

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