Teamsters Strike Recap

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Brilliant, Dennis.



>Congratulations to the Teamsters. According to the media they won a major
>victory over UPS. Reviewing the outcome it is now clear to me why they were
>on strike and what the victory means.
>What in the world was UPS management smoking? Where did they get the
>cacamamie idea that the teamsters would accept ANY increase in pension
>benefits let alone a 50% increase. I am sure glad the Teamsters got that
>provision removed. Also why was management so stubborn about refusing to
>layoff 15,000 full time workers? It was a hard fought battle but those
>15,000 no longer have to drudge to work everyday and collect a paycheck
>every week. Cudos to the Teamsters for forcing UPS to remove stupid things
>like pension increases and more full time workers from the contract.
>I never thought I would be siding with a union, especially the Teamsters, as
>a conservative. But here it is, clearly the Teamsters were right. We did not
>give them enough credit because our bias against Unions has clouded our
>judgment as pointed out by Richard. The Teamsters were simply much more
>farsighted then UPS management. The teamsters knew how much the original
>contact from UPS would cost the comapany in the long run. Understanding the
>relationship between labor costs and business viability, unlike UPS
>management, the union and Carey saved UPS from itself. The smaller pension
>package and reduction in workforce will save UPS a fortune in the long run.
>This will mean bigger profits and most importantly assures UPS will remain
>in business. The result is job security, albeit, for fewer union members.
>But sacrifices must be made, short term pain for long term gain.
>It is an interesting contrast to the stories from others on this list about
>unions demanding more benefits and bigger payrolls from their employers only
>to see their employers shutdown. What a refreshing contrast the new
>Teamsters are that are more concerned about the company then their members
>compared to the old days where they would drive a company out of business by
>accepting all kinds of increases from dumb managerment. I think we all owe
>the Teamsters a big apology for thinking the worst of them.
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