Teamsters Strike Recap

cas cas at ESSEX1.COM
Sun Aug 24 18:36:53 MDT 1997

        Boy, do we ever part company on this one.  It's funny how the media can make
people believe the lies involved in any given situation.  UPS was tired of
paying the most money into the pension plan.  They gave money to companies that
failed and were not giving anything in return.  UPS wanted to keep their money
that they were giving to the union which would have gave their employees a 50%
increase to their pension.  Of course the unions fought it tooth and nail
because they needed the money UPS was giving.
        As for part time workers, it's the sign of the times.  I love part time
workers.  Most of them request part time work.  They want to do other things.
I don't think it is some union's business whether or not a company hires part
time workers.
        Now that Ron's election has been nullified because of the bad things he did
and he has to once again run against Jimmy, I wonder if this whole thing hasn't
been staged. "I won with UPS, therefore vote for me".
        Sorry, but I think the time for unions have come and gone.  At one time the
work place was cruel and indifferent, but that time has passed.


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