Teamsters Strike Recap

Helen Cadogan editors at TCLQ.ORG
Sun Aug 24 19:52:58 MDT 1997

This raises a question: if Carey's election was nullified, how does that
affect the contract agreement?  I mean, the nullification of the election
says that he had no right/power/authority to bargain  or come to an
agreement on behalf of workers, does it not?

>        Boy, do we ever part company on this one.  It's funny how the
>media can make
>people believe the lies involved in any given situation.  UPS was tired of
>paying the most money into the pension plan.  They gave money to companies
>failed and were not giving anything in return.  UPS wanted to keep their money
>that they were giving to the union which would have gave their employees a 50%
>increase to their pension.  Of course the unions fought it tooth and nail
>because they needed the money UPS was giving.
>        As for part time workers, it's the sign of the times.  I love part
>workers.  Most of them request part time work.  They want to do other things.
>I don't think it is some union's business whether or not a company hires part
>time workers.
>        Now that Ron's election has been nullified because of the bad
>things he did
>and he has to once again run against Jimmy, I wonder if this whole thing
>been staged. "I won with UPS, therefore vote for me".
>        Sorry, but I think the time for unions have come and gone.  At one
>time the
>work place was cruel and indifferent, but that time has passed.


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