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Sun Aug 24 23:52:45 MDT 1997

A two year study by economist JOhn Lott of the University of
Cjicago shows a sharp decline in homicide [8.5%], rape [5%]
and aggrevated assault [7%] in states which have allowed citizens
to carry concealed firearms.

The study analyzed FBI crime statistics in the nation's 3054 counties
from 1977 to 1992 to determine the effect of newly passed concealed carry laws.

Prof. Lott said the cause of the decline wasn't people actually
defending themselves but of criminals changing their behavior,
shifting from confrontation crimes to theft and burglary to avoid
coming into contact with someone who might have a gun.

"If those states which which did not right-to-carry concealed gun
provisions had adopted them in 1992, 1,570 murders, 4,177
rapes and 60,000 aggrevated assaults would have been prevented each year." [Crime, Deterrence,...etc]

"Crime, Deterrence and Right-To-Carry Concealed handguns",
January 1977, University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies.

Do ya suppose Danny, Petey or the other blow-dry-anchor mouth
has "newsed" this

john v

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