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Helen Cadogan editors at TCLQ.ORG
Sun Aug 24 22:02:05 MDT 1997

I'm waiting with some considerable interest to see how Louisiana state's
recognizing victims of car-jacking right to defend themselves with a gun,
will impact on carjacking stats.  Waiting to see too if it will become a
trend.  While channel surfing, I got the impression that the mouths here in
NYC were appalled at LA.

>Prof. Lott said the cause of the decline wasn't people actually
>defending themselves but of criminals changing their behavior,
>shifting from confrontation crimes to theft and burglary to avoid
>coming into contact with someone who might have a gun.
>"If those states which which did not right-to-carry concealed gun
>provisions had adopted them in 1992, 1,570 murders, 4,177
>rapes and 60,000 aggrevated assaults would have been prevented each year."
>[Crime, Deterrence,...etc]
>"Crime, Deterrence and Right-To-Carry Concealed handguns",
>January 1977, University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies.
>Do ya suppose Danny, Petey or the other blow-dry-anchor mouth
>has "newsed" this
>john v


Helen Cadogan

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