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Victor Andritoiu victor at CASANET.NET.MA
Mon Aug 25 17:47:36 MDT 1997

At 16:05 25/08/1997 -0700, you wrote:
>>If an armed criminal comes into my home and I shoot and kill said
>>criminal, has my life been saved?  Maybe.  It depends on whether or
>>not the burglar would have killed me and my family.  If so, three
>>lives were saved...and one criminal died.  If I only injure the
>>criminal, than three lives were saved and a criminal was injured.
>>If I brandish my weapon (a hypothetical weapon at I own
>>none) and the criminal flees, I have saved three lives, and no one
>>was harmed or killed.
>I'm confused - if you so strongly believe that the gun can save a life,
>then why don't you own one?
>I don't know the statistic - but I am sure someone here does -
>How many crimes - as you describe here - are prevented vs. the number of
>accidental shooting deaths or injuries.
>>On the other hand, you probably have no problem believing Handgun
>>Control Inc's statements about crimes being prevented by the Brady
>If you had read my posts completely - I think you would already know the
>answer to that.
>>The law abiding citizens prevented
>>from purchasing a gun weren't going to use them in a crime anyway.
>>The criminals probably found an illegal source for their weapon.
>I think I said that already.
>>The fact is, we are supposed to be a country ruled by law...and the
>>constitution is the supreme law of the land.
>And I always thought God was the supreme law.
>Stephen Frye

        I have been reading your discussion for some time and I am
interested to know what an american citizen could think about the opinion of
a foreigner on the american problems. I don't know how you will take this
intrusion, but you have to think about the fact that a big part of the world
takes for example the USA, so sometimes it would be interesting to have the
opinion of some foreigners, wouldn't it? So, may I do it? I know I can do it
without asking for, but I want to be welcome....
        BTW I apologize for my bad english.... I am romanian and I speak
much better romanian,french or spanish......
Victor Octavian Andritoiu
"Je n'aurai pas peur, car la peur tue l'esprit"

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