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At 11:47 PM 8/25/97 +0000, you wrote:
>        I have been reading your discussion for some time and I am
>interested to know what an american citizen could think about the opinion of
>a foreigner on the american problems. I don't know how you will take this
>intrusion, but you have to think about the fact that a big part of the world
>takes for example the USA, so sometimes it would be interesting to have the
>opinion of some foreigners, wouldn't it? So, may I do it? I know I can do it
>without asking for, but I want to be welcome....
>        BTW I apologize for my bad english.... I am romanian and I speak
>much better romanian,french or spanish......

Bad English? If you hadn't said anything I would never had known you were
not American. It is better then a large number of Americans, I am sad to
say. In any case welcome and jump in any time you want. Diversity of opinion
is not only welcome but eagerly sought as it makes us all think a little

I would be interested in hearing your viewpoints but if you would, also
include different cultural influences. Although the liberals here have
succeeded in removing the foundation of this country from school curriculums
some of us still know how and why this country was founded. The root of it
is fear and resentment of power concentrated in government. The basis of our
government is that the flow of authority is from God to the people to the

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