Media Bias - Surprise

John Bush jbush at POST.CIS.SMU.EDU
Tue Aug 26 06:15:18 MDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

> Date:    Mon, 25 Aug 1997 16:05:16 -0700
> From:    "Stephen A. Frye" <safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET>
> Subject: Re: Media Bias - Surprise
> >If an armed criminal comes into my home and I shoot and kill said
> >criminal, has my life been saved?  Maybe.  It depends on whether or
> >not the burglar would have killed me and my family.  If so, three
> >lives were saved...and one criminal died.  If I only injure the
> >criminal, than three lives were saved and a criminal was injured.
> >If I brandish my weapon (a hypothetical weapon at I own
> >none) and the criminal flees, I have saved three lives, and no one
> >was harmed or killed.
> I'm confused - if you so strongly believe that the gun can save a life,
> then why don't you own one?
Because I live in a fairly safe area.  Because I don't go anywhere I
should need one.  Because the government has so infringed on our
rights, that it is difficult to keep and bear arms...even though it
is guaranteed by the Constitution.  And just because I don't
currently exercise the right to bear arms doesn't mean I oppose that
right.  I very well may purchase a gun down the road sometime.

> I don't know the statistic - but I am sure someone here does -
> How many crimes - as you describe here - are prevented vs. the number of
> accidental shooting deaths or injuries.
I'm sure there are vastly more crimes prevented.  But you've already
stated you won't believe statistics put out by groups like the NRA
(even though they come from FBI stats and other organizations.)  I
don't know what you want.

> >On the other hand, you probably have no problem believing Handgun
> >Control Inc's statements about crimes being prevented by the Brady
> >Bill.
> If you had read my posts completely - I think you would already know the
> answer to that.
I don't think so.  You keep stating that you aren't against guns, but
then you go about saying why you are against guns.

> >The law abiding citizens prevented
> >from purchasing a gun weren't going to use them in a crime anyway.
> >The criminals probably found an illegal source for their weapon.
> I think I said that already.
> >The fact is, we are supposed to be a country ruled by law...and the
> >constitution is the supreme law of the land.
> And I always thought God was the supreme law.

While it is the ultimate law, it is not the law which our court
system takes into account.

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