Media Bias - Surprise

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Aug 26 15:10:37 MDT 1997

>I don't think so.  You keep stating that you aren't against guns, but
>then you go about saying why you are against guns.

No.  I am against killing.  I am against people being injured by guns as a
direct or indirect result of irresponsible gun ownership.  I find myself
wondering whether or not we are interested in addressing that problem.
There exists at least cursory mandatory training for driving an automobile
- too bad we don't see the value in anything similar for owning a gun.
Driving a car at least has some positive purpose.  Guns have one purpose -
to kill.

>While it is the ultimate law, it is not the law which our court
>system takes into account.

No, but we sure can.

Stephen Frye

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