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At 09:28 PM 8/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Dennis - anything on the world can be proved or disproved with statistics.

Irrelevant. My response was to counter your claim that the MRA articles I
referred to were biased. I simply replyed with the source. I don't see the
connection you are trying to make with your statistics comment.

>It's interesting that my whole position on gun control goes without
>comment, and you extract a reference to assault weapons to criticize the
>opposite of the position you just ignored.

I did not criticize the opposite position. Re-read my post. I cannot comment
on your point until I understand your definition of assault weapon. I
suspect you do not know what an assault weapon is based on the contect of
you original post.

>Well - I'm not ignorant - and I don't happen to agree with your
>interpretation.  Though even though I don;t agree - I still am not in favor
>of gun control.

My interpretation of what? The meaning of the 2nd?

>Is your car worth a human life?  Mine isn't.

You may want to gamble you life that the perp only wants your car but I'm
not. My life is worth more to me than a criminal's.

>Less than three weeks ago you said juries were made up of ignorant people.

Still better to be judged by twelve ignorant people then carried by six of
any intellegence.

>Well Dennis, I am taking the same cop out you took a coupel of weeks ago -
>this has now reached total absurdity.  Pointless discussion.


>How about when people stop killing each other for fun and profit?  How
>about when kids quit killing themselves and each other with loaded guns
>left available to them?  Tell me - do we have a constitutional right to put
>our own children in harm's way?

So you think that parents are not responsible for keeping dangerous items
out of the hands of their children? How about knives? More children are
killed and maimed by knives then guns. How do you propose we solve that
problem? Since it is a bigger problem surely you agree we should solve it
before we go after the small potatoes. Then the lessons we learn
implementing knife control could be applied to other dangerous things like
bicycles and swimming pools. On the other hand, through education the number
of children killed or injured by guns has been decreasing for the last 20
years. That cannot be said for knives, swimming pools, cars, etc.

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