Media Bias - Surprise

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Aug 26 21:57:05 MDT 1997

>Since it is a bigger problem surely you agree we should solve it
>before we go after the small potatoes.

Please do not ever tell me what I am saying or thinking.  Tell me what you
are saying and thinking.  Tell me the issues with which you agree or
disagree.  Lave my thinking to me.

>Then the lessons we learn
>implementing knife control could be applied to other dangerous things like
>bicycles and swimming pools. On the other hand, through education the number
>of children killed or injured by guns has been decreasing for the last 20
>years. That cannot be said for knives, swimming pools, cars, etc.

I fear this will approach the ridiculous, but, yes, I do see a difference.
Because you present statistics -please, present them all.  How many knives
are in each household in the United states versus the number of children
injured by them - especially fatal injuries.  Same for cars, etc.

My comments have been based on one claim - guns are manufactured with one
purpose - to kill people.  I just wish that we - as those who support
freedom of ownership of these tools, would think about requiring some
responsibility for this ownership.

I am beginning to believe, from what I am reading, that it's silly to want
this.  I accept that.  I just don't like it, and I think it is morally wrong.

Stephen Frye

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