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Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Aug 26 21:57:07 MDT 1997

>Being held responsible for ones own actions is abusrd?

Absolutely not - but how does one restore a life taken - either
deliberately or accidentally?

>The sole purpose of a gun is not for killing that is anti-gun claptrap. I
>have never killed anyone in my life nor do I ever expect to.

No, it is not claptrap.  I do not say that ownership is intended to kill.
I said the gun is.

>However, I own
>a number of guns for the purpose of the enjoyment of shooting. Self defense
>is an added benefit. Why are you against that?

Never said I was.

>Oops I forgot you are not
>against that


>You claim about a car vs a loaded gun is not accurate. To be
>equivalent you would have to say leaving you child behind the wheel of the
>car with the engine running is less risky then leaving a loaded gun around
>the house. Assuming the gun is in good working order you child is more at
>risk of putting the car into gear then figuring out how to get a loaded gun
>into condition 1 so it can be discharged.

I agree.  I did not use the danger of driving.  It was brought up to me.

>What kind of answer do you expect to this question. Mine would be that this
>is an impossible situation. My children were taught at an early age to
>respect and understadn the dangers of a gun. They would have recognized the
>irresponsible behavior and understood the necessit of getting the **** out
>of there.

Glad to hear that.  And I mean it.  What I worry about is the children who
are not taught and may becomes victims because of someone else's lack of
responsibility.  I personally have little regard for the outcome of the
person who blew it.  The innocent victim is already dead.  I wish there
were a reasonable way to minimize that.  Why are you against that?

>You betcha. Except education cannot be enforced because liberals prevent
>this type of training from infiltrating schools.

Is it enforced or isn;t it?  You say both in the same breath.

Stephen Frye

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