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Wed Aug 27 03:25:22 MDT 1997

At 11:47 PM 8/25/97 +0000, Victor Andritoiu wrote:

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>        I have been reading your discussion for some time and I am
>interested to know what an american citizen could think about the opinion of
>a foreigner on the american problems. I don't know how you will take this
>intrusion, but you have to think about the fact that a big part of the world
>takes for example the USA, so sometimes it would be interesting to have the
>opinion of some foreigners, wouldn't it? So, may I do it? I know I can do it
>without asking for, but I want to be welcome....
>        BTW I apologize for my bad english.... I am romanian and I speak
>much better romanian,french or spanish......
>Victor Octavian Andritoiu

        Welcome to the list, Victor.

        Ages ago, when I was a student in Taiwan, I had a
        philosophy professor who was intensely interested in
        American government, and was constantly asking me
        questions and stating opinions.  One of the most
        strking things he said to me was, "Such a government
        you have, one that does not fear the free ownership of
        firearms by citizens.  A marvelous government!"  Of
        course, being a snot-nosed liberal freak at the time,
        I tried to argue the other side.  But now, with
        arthritis invading my joints and gun ownership being
        threatened, I treasure the Second Amendment.  We know
        this much, at least: A government that fears its people
        cannot suffer them to own firearms.

        By the way, I seem to remember my father and uncle
        collecting privately owned arms during World War II
        and sending them to England, because, as I understand
        it, gun ownership had been banned there previous to
        the war.

        Regards, PapaPaul

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