Mike Wangsmo wanger at REDHAT.COM
Wed Aug 27 10:20:37 MDT 1997

>        Ages ago, when I was a student in Taiwan, I had a
>        philosophy professor who was intensely interested in
>        American government, and was constantly asking me
>        questions and stating opinions.  One of the most
>        strking things he said to me was, "Such a government
>        you have, one that does not fear the free ownership of
>        firearms by citizens.  A marvelous government!"  Of
>        course, being a snot-nosed liberal freak at the time,
>        I tried to argue the other side.  But now, with
>        arthritis invading my joints and gun ownership being
>        threatened, I treasure the Second Amendment.  We know
>        this much, at least: A government that fears its people
>        cannot suffer them to own firearms.

Careful stating the "fact" that the 2nd amendment guarantees you the right to
gun ownership.  The second amendment only states that ".... to maintain a
regulated milita, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".  I
honestly think this does not apply to random citizens, but rather to civilian
milita organizations such as the national guard (key phrase: well regulated).
I really would hate to see this issue make it to the Supreme Court to be
tested as to whether this applies to Joe Q. Public as I think that may be
ruled not protected!

>        By the way, I seem to remember my father and uncle
>        collecting privately owned arms during World War II
>        and sending them to England, because, as I understand
>        it, gun ownership had been banned there previous to
>        the war.

You guys know that I can never keep my mouth shut when certain issues such as
these come up. :)  Also, one of Hitler's first sweeping regulatory reforms was
gun control which became gun restriction which became an outright ban on
private gun ownership.  Also note that the areas that have the strictest gun
laws have the highest incidents of gun related crime.  For example, take New
Jersey which has arguably the "toughest" gun laws in the nation.  I see that
crime there is also at a national low. :)

As always, just my $0.02 worth.

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