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At 08:57 PM 8/26/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Absolutely not - but how does one restore a life taken - either
>deliberately or accidentally?

I don't get the connection between irresponsible parents and the devices I
am allowed or not allowed to own.

>No, it is not claptrap.  I do not say that ownership is intended to kill.
>I said the gun is.

Again, claptrap. You said the "sole purpose of a gun is to kill." My point
was that your opinion is totally false.

>Never said I was.

Sure sounded like it to me.

>I agree.  I did not use the danger of driving.  It was brought up to me.

Sorry, I thought you were the one that said a car was less risky to children
then guns.

>Glad to hear that.  And I mean it.  What I worry about is the children who
>are not taught and may becomes victims because of someone else's lack of
>responsibility.  I personally have little regard for the outcome of the
>person who blew it.  The innocent victim is already dead.  I wish there
>were a reasonable way to minimize that.  Why are you against that?

I'm not against that. I'm against someone punishing me for others mistakes,
misjudgements can criminal behavior. But that is what you and anti-RKBA
folks seem to want.

>>You betcha. Except education cannot be enforced because liberals prevent
>>this type of training from infiltrating schools.
>Is it enforced or isn;t it?  You say both in the same breath.

The "You becha," was referring to your second question about requiring
competancy. I reversed my answers with respect to your two questions.

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