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At 08:57 PM 8/26/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Please do not ever tell me what I am saying or thinking.  Tell me what you
>are saying and thinking.  Tell me the issues with which you agree or
>disagree.  Lave my thinking to me.

Then you need to be more clear in what you say. I was not telling you what
you were thinking. I was telling you how I interprited what you wrote.

>I fear this will approach the ridiculous, but, yes, I do see a difference.
>Because you present statistics -please, present them all.  How many knives
>are in each household in the United states versus the number of children
>injured by them - especially fatal injuries.  Same for cars, etc.

Not much point since you see the diffference. My point was that all the
attention given to gun control in the name of saving children is insincere.
Id children's lives were the real issue the focus would not be guns.
Children are a convienent shield to accomplish a politically correct effect.
Remember the "poisoning the children" argument of the Democrats during the
Republican budget hearings. Ironically it was the Democrat administration
that allowed illegal food into the school food programs that really poisoned
the children.

>My comments have been based on one claim - guns are manufactured with one
>purpose - to kill people.  I just wish that we - as those who support
>freedom of ownership of these tools, would think about requiring some
>responsibility for this ownership.

I totaly refute that as I have said in a previous post.

>I am beginning to believe, from what I am reading, that it's silly to want
>this.  I accept that.  I just don't like it, and I think it is morally wrong.
 Again those that legally own guns do indeed accept responsiblity and
positive actions have been underway for a long time. You don't seem to
accept that gun deaths from acccidental discharge by law-abiding owners has
been declining for the past 15 years. There is no morality breach here at
all. Indeed this proves the high moral standing of gun owners that you paint
with that wide brush of immorality of yours.

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