Media Bias - Surprise

Mike Levine mlevine at UMR.EDU
Thu Aug 28 10:44:11 MDT 1997

On the subjest of Media Biased against Guns... Someone said >

:>No, it is not claptrap.  I do not say that ownership is intended to kill.
:>I said the gun is.
:Again, claptrap. You said the "sole purpose of a gun is to kill." My point
:was that your opinion is totally false.
What else do you use a gun for, maiming?


:Sorry, I thought you were the one that said a car was less risky to
:then guns.
:>Glad to hear that.  And I mean it.  What I worry about is the children who
:>are not taught and may becomes victims because of someone else's lack of
:>responsibility.  I personally have little regard for the outcome of the
:>person who blew it.  The innocent victim is already dead.  I wish there
:>were a reasonable way to minimize that.  Why are you against that?
:I'm not against that. I'm against someone punishing me for others mistakes,
:misjudgements can criminal behavior. But that is what you and anti-RKBA
:folks seem to want.

I would personally like to see every gun on the face of the earth
dissappear. Then again there are alot of things i would like to see

:>>You betcha. Except education cannot be enforced because liberals prevent
:>>this type of training from infiltrating schools.

Do you want to see gun education or training in public schools. Good
idea,they could have a marksmanship class. They offer one a my school but
they didn't have one in high school. Did have archery though.

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