Media Bias - Surprise

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Aug 28 15:09:39 MDT 1997

>It is not subject to much supposition.  The founders wrote
>extensively on their reasoning.

Yes.  Unfortunately, we tend to be governed only by the Constitution, not
by the subsequent or parallel writings.  I say unfortunately - I really am
not sure.
>You continue to say that arguments are silly and ridiculous.  You may
>do so, but they are the real arguments.  You may not think so today,
>but it will be obvious in 50 years.  But by then, you probably just
>won't care.

Yes.  50 years from now I'll be dead.

>You mean all gun owners leave a loaded gun around the house?  I think
>you are the one heading for absurdity.  I have a friend whose father
>always had a loaded gun in the house.  The difference was, he (my
>friend) didn't have to worry about hurting himself with the gun--if
>he ever messed with it, the real worry was his father.

This is exactly what I mean by absurdity.  Your statement allows no middle
ground.  You wonder if I mean "all", and I never said that.  Then you cite
a somewhat valid opposing situation which appears to be used to invalidate
the claim of "all" which I didn;t make.

Also, if the loaded gun was truly accessible to the child - the father,
having taught the child or not, was negligent.  Children, no matter how
well taught and reared, do not always do the right thing.

>If this happened to me, do you think it wise to look to me for an
>objective answer?  As far as gross statistics are concerned, yes,
>even if it were my child, I would not want to infringe upon anyone's
>[second amendment] rights to possibly prevent this highly unlikely

I wouldn't feel that way.  If my child gets killed, I will probably not be
very sympathetic of the killer's rights.

>A Constitutional right exists.  Does that mean nothing to you?  I
>wouldn't mind changing the explicit nature of the right, but until
>such time you are correct--death is a side issue.  You cannot take
>away a constitional right for any reason.  If the right cannot
>co-exist with a safe and peaceful country, then it must be changed.

I don't agree.  Death, to me, is never a side issue.

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