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>Although I used to be a member of the NRA and was very proud to proclaim my
>membership, in recent years I have canceled my membership.  The NRA is
lead by
>a bunch of profitering morons counting on their "historical significance" to
>carry them on into the next century.  Just because the NRA wants to have the
>2nd tested by the SC, gives me no reassurance that it will hold up.

It has indeed had its problems but I think you are over reacting like Bush
did. In any case there should be no fear of the SC reviewing a 2nd Amendment

>Although I hold (almost) a MS degree, I have to admit that my English
>background is limited (I come from a technical and mathematical background).
>Although this is no excuse, I can't argue or agree with your
interpretation of
>the wording.

I probably didn't word this response carefully enough and give credit where
it was due. Although I cannot find the location this interpritation was not
entirely mine but that of several English scholars.

>I don't argue that this does mean it is an individual right, however, I have
>always read the RTKBA should only be applied to folks that are members of "a
>well regulated milita".

Again the interpritation of those same scholars is that this is not true.
The milita phrase is dependent and exists to justify or drive home the
primary reason for the 2nd. Not the other way around.

>I agree that the founders did imply that all citizens should be allowed to
>keep arms, however, at the time those documents were written, weren't "all
>citizens" members of their local milita organizations?

No, you are probably thinking of Switzerland where every male 18 years and
older is required to train and maintain an assault weapon (real assault
weapon not the nonsense definition of HCI and the media here) as members of
their local militia.

>I agree that many things are missing from the education of children due to
>these factors.

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