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>What else do you use a gun for, maiming?

I use mine for 100% sport shooting. If I were to statistically define the
purpose of my gun its "sole purpose is for sport shooting" and never for
killing or maiming.  Quite different from your incorrect "sole purpose,"
assumption. I also use it as a deterrent to violent crime against my family
and myself. I hope I never have to use it for any other purpose but if that
time comes I will be prepared even that will drop my 100% record. Thus there
are two examples of other purposes for a gun rendering your assertion a
false tautology.

>I would personally like to see every gun on the face of the earth
>dissappear. Then again there are alot of things i would like to see

I wouldn't. Why don't you want me to have one? You don't know me but what
have I ever said that would even give you an inkling that I cannot or will
not handle it properly and safely to the point that you think I shouldn't
have it?

>Do you want to see gun education or training in public schools. Good
>idea,they could have a marksmanship class. They offer one a my school but
>they didn't have one in high school. Did have archery though.

Had a shooting team when I was in high school also but the liberals in
control after I left got rid of that as politically incorrect. The widely
acclaimed "Eddie Eagle" program has been very successful where its been
allowed but alas in liberal strongholds it was forbidden. It seems that
program does not portray guns as something evil only something extremely
dangerous to be left alone.

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