2nd Amendment Meaning and Intent

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I am still looking for the English analysis of the 2nd but in the mean time
here are some legal references that essemtially say the same thing (although
sometimes dry the meat of these really make interesting reading):

Levinson, Sanford, "The Embarrassing Second Amendment," Yale Law Journal
, 99 (1989): 637

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Pre-Revolutionary Origins of the Second Amendment," University of Dayton
Law Review, 15 (1989): 91.

 "Congress Interprets the Second Amendment: Declarations by a Co-Equal
Branch on the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms," Tennessee Law
Review, 62 (1995): 597.

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Bordenet, Bernard J., "The Right to Possess Arms: The Intent of the
Framers of the Second Amendment, University of West Los Angeles Law
Review, 21 (1990).

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Stupid quote epitomizing modern liberalism:

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way popular will."
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