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John Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Fri Aug 29 16:57:01 MDT 1997

Thanks, Phil. :)  There is an abundance of people who won't read what
they get in their email, i.e. the FAQ and the Welcome files.  If
"words mean something" (Rush Limbaugh), then they should be read and
not stored in a file somewhere, or worse yet, stored in the oblivion
of the deleted mail.

John Hammes

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Phil Gerdes wrote:

:-)On 29 Aug 97 at 10:39, Larkin A. Grisanti wrote:
:-)> i need to un subscribe from this list.
:-)Do you not know how to unsub from a list?  To get off a list just
:-)send mail to the listserv at the list address, for rushtalk you send
:-)mail to listserv at with the command
:-)unsub rushtalk    in the body of the mail   NOT the subj.
:-)The catch is you must send from the same node with the same id you
:-)signed on the list, some people have more than one id and have all
:-)their mail forwarded to one id, this causes problems getting commands
:-)to the listserv program.
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