liberal hatred

Stanley, Hank hstanley at SDEXGATE.SANDIEGOCA.NCR.COM
Mon Dec 1 13:30:54 MST 1997

On Monday, December 01, 1997 11:46 Stephen A. Frye wrote

        Wasn't it you who made reference - and took exception - earlier
to "it's
        not the evidence, it's the accusation that matters"?

Forgive me for eavesdropping, but I could help but overhear: if he did,
he was alluding to one of RHL3's well-used "absurdities" about liberals
(Tom Foley in this case, as I recall) basing subsequent actions on
"allegations that were serious enough to warrant pursuit and

O Lord, grant us Revival,
But if not, then Rapture


(Conclusions jumped to are entirely self-achieved and independent of my
employer which doesn't need any help in developing its own hang-ups.)

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