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At 11:45 AM 12/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Wasn't it you who made reference - and took exception - earlier to "it's
>not the evidence, it's the accusation that matters"?

No. That was Pat Schroeder, I just used it where appropriate by her
definition. And the correct position is that its not the
evidence but the seriousness of the crime that matters. This goes
hand-in-hand with Sen. Gephardt's position: "the fact that there is no
evidence is precisely why we must investigate." That was the "October
Suprise" fiasco. You remember? When the media spent weeks and dedicated 1/2
hour shows to this non-event. While the National Cemetary sales fiasco did
not even get a mention until days later when everyone was already outraged.
Neither turned out to be true (although one Arlington waver is pretty thin)
but one received hours of coverage while the other received scant seconds.
Some call this liberal bias in the media while others call it liberal
hatred. If conservative talk radio can be called hate radio by liberals then
I think liberal hatred if the correct usage.

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