C.A.Reno - For Services Rendered

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Wed Dec 3 08:54:07 MST 1997

I agree with you, in general, but until a majority of the people in this
country get upset enough to do something about this, it's just more
water over the dam.

People should have gotten indignant when Captain Reyno ("I'm shocked to
find gambling going on in this establishment" - Casablanca, 1941) said
she wasn't going to look beyond the telephone calls.  When that didn't
happen, this is just the next act of the same play.

O Lord, grant us Revival,
But if not, then Rapture


(Conclusions jumped to are entirely self-achieved and independent of my
employer which doesn't need any help in developing its own hang-ups.)

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        December 2, 1997

           Given the corrupt "track record" of the Clinton
        there should be no surprise in Clinton's Attorney Reno's
        to void the appointment of an Independent Counsel to investigate
        his and Vice-President Gore's telephone fund raising.

           C.A.Reno has, in essence, rendered services pre-paid for when
        she was allowed to keep her job by Clinton at the start of his
        second term. This act of "political prostitution" should tell
        the American people that the rule of law can be broken by the
        Presidnet and his "underlings" without fear of just punishment
        as long as the "sheriff" can be "bought."

        Kenneth E. Wyman

        "One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's

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