C.A.Reno - For Services Rendered

Darin H. Deem AptMaster at AOL.COM
Wed Dec 3 16:19:47 MST 1997


I agree, Reno really has lost her mind.  She used to have my respect, but not
anymore.  When someone has admitted to breaking the law, then to ignore that,
is unbelievable.

On a side note, I really think that the Attorney General should be an elected
position, not appointed by the President.  That way you would certainly get
more accountability to the people instead of the President.

still here.

In a message dated 97-12-02 23:14:46 EST, Ken wrote:

<<  Given the corrupt "track record" of the Clinton administration
 there should be no surprise in Clinton's Attorney Reno's decision
 to void the appointment of an Independent Counsel to investigate
 his and Vice-President Gore's telephone fund raising.

    C.A.Reno has, in essence, rendered services pre-paid for when
 she was allowed to keep her job by Clinton at the start of his
 second term. This act of "political prostitution" should tell
 the American people that the rule of law can be broken by the
 Presidnet and his "underlings" without fear of just punishment
 as long as the "sheriff" can be "bought."

 Kenneth E. Wyman

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