Military Imposes Gag Order in Ron Brown Controversy

A.C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Fri Dec 5 20:57:09 MST 1997

>The following story will appear in The Pittsburgh
>Tribune-Review on Saturday, December 6, 1997:
>Military Imposes Gag Order in Ron Brown Controversy
>By Christopher Ruddy
>For the Tribune-Review
>LOS ANGELES - Military authorities have placed a gag order along
>with extraordinary restrictions on the Air Force lieutenant
>colonel who went public with allegations that a gunshot may have
>caused the death of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.
>Early Friday, Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell of the Armed Forces
>Institute of Pathology received written orders that he not
>comment to the press about matters involving Brown's death. He
>was told to refer all press inquiries on the subject to AFIP's
>public affairs office.
>The instructions also informed Cogswell that he was under
>"command investigation," a process similar to an internal affairs
>inquiry by the Air Force.
>Later Friday, two members of the military police arrived at
>Cogswell's office and escorted him to his home where they
>conducted a search without a warrant, an AFIP source alleged...

As I said before, this is getting more and more interesting...

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