Execution of women?

Richard Swerdlin swerdlin at GTE.NET
Sun Dec 7 23:08:40 MST 1997

         A woman in Texas is on death row.  If her appeal is denied now,
 she will be scheduled to die in January.

         The story constituted a segment of "60 Minutes" this evening.
 The woman has been in jail for several years.  She seems to have
 undergone a remarkable change.  She said that she indeed was a
 different person now.

         There was a brief clip of Pat Robertson speaking about the
 woman's change.  He hoped that she would not be executed.

         Of interest, Gov. Bush has been a firm advocate of the death
 penalty in Texas.  Under state law, a governor may nix execution,
 provided this is the recommendation of a majority of the state
 parole board.  Thus a governor cannot act unilaterally.

         If the woman dies, she would be the second one to experience
 execution in Texas in about two decades.

         The element of "sexism" was mentioned.  Some men on death
 row had complained that there was a double standard in carrying
 out death sentences, depending on gender.

Richard Swerdlin
(swerdlin at gte.net)

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