PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Dec 8 03:05:28 MST 1997

Just got back from Austin.  LOVE those Texans.

Jing and I went out today to celebrate her birthday, which she
shares with  Pearl Harbor Day.  First, we went to the horse
races.  She relied on her observations of "horse spirit" and
won $76.40.  I used a programmable scientific calculator to
churn the statistics in the Daily Racing Form and managed to
eke out a loss of $32.00

We went to dinner after the races and shared  memories
of the war years.  Colorado transplants, my mother and
father and the two kids spent the war  in a one room
apartment in Long Beach, CA.  It was a perfect childhood.
The apartment was only half a block from a glorious beach and
after school Roy and I would go swimming or head for the
amusement park and there shine shoes for servicemen, mainly
sailors shipping out to the Pacific campaigns.  "How 'bout
a shine, mate?  Only a dime!"  That was our pitch. and we
earned lots of coin, enough to pay for our own movies, games
in the penny arcades, and snacks at Shrimpy Joe's (15 cents
for three huge, wonderful pieces).

One of Jing's most vivid childhood memories is of the Japanese
Army parading American POW's through Taichung City (Taiwan) one
day, probably in an effort to boost war morale  At one point,
the march paused briefly and this gave Jing a chance to see the
terrible "enemy" up close.  She was a frightened little girl, of
course, especially when one of the tall Americans looked straight at
her.  But then he smiled.   After the parade, she found a piece of
blue glass, which she put to her eyes just to see what the world
must look like to an American.  Jing has treasured that smile
and those friendly blue eyes for more than half a century.  We
hope that American is still alive and well somewhere in the USA.

Hope you folks had a great weekend!


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