Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Mon Dec 8 06:26:46 MST 1997

At 02:05 AM 12/8/97 -0800, Papa Paul wrote:
>Just got back from Austin.  LOVE those Texans.
>Jing and I went out today to celebrate her birthday, which she
>shares with  Pearl Harbor Day.  First, we went to the horse
>races.  She relied on her observations of "horse spirit" and
>won $76.40.  I used a programmable scientific calculator to
>churn the statistics in the Daily Racing Form and managed to
>eke out a loss of $32.00

rest of the story snipped

Papa Paul you better thank god each day that you have that woman.

Today a Phoenix man was charged with aggravated assault when he allegedly
smacked a colleague with a 10,000 page unix manual.  Attorney General Grant
Woods said the charge was appropriate because he used the abridged version.
 He also said that if the man had used the unabridged version the charge
would probably be first degree murder.

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