Guns And 60 Minutes

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Mon Dec 8 10:01:40 MST 1997

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>60 Minutes aired a segment about how powerful and
>corrupt Palestinians were torturing and otherwise
>abusing their own people.  Ed Bradley posed the
>question, Will there be revolution?  Don't know if
>he was quoting someone or sayin it himself, but part
>of the answer to that question was, Not as long as
>the powerful have all the guns.  And I am wondering,
>Is that a recently learned lesson, Ed?

Nothing is more vulnerable to a corrupt and illegal government than an UNARMED
society.  Thus, the first step for such a government to ensure its own
longevity is to disarm its citizens. Whats the old saying? people who ignore
history are doomed to repeat it? in this case at least, history is
irrelevant, all you need do is keep abreast of current events, sadly this
society is to busy watching such mindless drivel as rickie lake or jerry
springer to figure out whats going on.

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>Zorba The Greek, in a deathbed message to his friend
>and biographer, Nikos K
"there are very few problems in the world that couldnt be cured by the
 appropriate amount of high explosives"

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