The women are always right.

Helen editors at TCLQ.ORG
Mon Dec 8 20:54:16 MST 1997

>At 06:03 PM 12/8/97 -0400, Helen wrote:
>>Ah, this is one of those wonderful "what would Jesus do?" questions that
>>are so popular of late. Sugar me, if I don't hate those.
>>If you get down on your knees and ask Him, maybe He'll point you to that
>>part in the Bible where He called a bunch of self-righteous guys
>>Let me take idiocy to the max: Would a follower of Christ use the words
>>"racist" and "uncle tom" and "mean-spirited"? Hm, now we know, eh.
Stephen, if you want to engage in a war of words, I'm kinda busy right now;
find someone else. Look at para 2 above, you'll see the answer to your
question.  You may want to run through life asking "what would Jesus do?"
at every traffic light; I don't.  We are not under Law, we are under Grace,
and we have the Bible to provide proper instruction.

I won't dignify the rest by commenting on it.

Just remember, Stephen, when you come firing at me, after the smoke clears,
I'll the one left standing.

Stephen replied:
>Marvelous way to avoid the question.  Answer by asking another.
>I never realized that decency was idiocy.  Thank you for enlightening me.
>It explains a lot.


"To live is Christ, and to die is gain."
Live or die, same thing.

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