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Ma ZhangKai Rongguang.Zhou at SJZ.COL.COM.CN
Mon Dec 8 18:05:07 MST 1997

Ma ZhanfKai wrote:
>Jim Nantz wrote:
> >        I also feel really indignant about Ma's
> >        reply.  Ma, ni wei ZhongGuo ren diu lian!
> Papa Paul, not all of us are blesses with a spouse who can teach us
> Chinese.  How bout a translation?
> thanks
   He just means a kind of humiliation or a attaint for me, you can
think about it. But I think, 'the humanism fall low' in your country let
you can't believe all truth. And as I said, it is a touchstone. It can
discover all mask from hyprocrisy and freedom and domocracy !

* Rise and fall of country, everyone's responsibility.  *
*                -----A great person in China history   *

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