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cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Tue Dec 9 09:31:40 MST 1997

>>   He just means a kind of humiliation or a attaint for me, you can
>>think about it. But I think, 'the humanism fall low' in your country
Now, Ma - you have made me a little angry here - volunteerism and charity
are at an all time high in this country.  There is no other country that
gives more time and money to humanitarian causes than the USA.  How dare
you say, that because we are not giving to your government supported aid
for your children that we are hypocrites.  I would not give my money to ANY
government supported program - let alone one in a communist country where
the government will skim off a large portion for their steaks while the
poor population begs for scraps.  I do, indeed, give to children in foreign
countries.  I give through my church and they distribute that money where
it will do the best good; they do not work through any governments (our own
included) and the church takes no portion of that for itself.  I don't know
and i don't care whether they send any of that money to china; it is doing
good where ever it is going.  You act as though, if we are not giving to
china; we are not giving - that is definately not the case.  You should
know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.
>>you can't believe all truth. And as I said, it is a touchstone. It can
>>discover all mask from hyprocrisy and freedom and domocracy !

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