The women are always right.

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Dec 9 09:31:23 MST 1997

At 06:13 AM 12/9/97 -0800, you wrote:
>We understand your desire to be fair and non-judgemental,
>but when someone is truly despicable,  isn't it better to
>come  right out and say so  instead of beating around the
>bush and pretending?  I don't recall precisely Limbaugh's
>definition of feminazi, but I do remember that She is one
>awful kind of woman.     ~~PP
Papa Paul -

Let's hear the definition then.  I see an extremely derogatory term being
battered about, and, because I take exception, I am the bad guy.  So be it.
 No problem with that.  I sort of enjoy the answers I have received - it
has given me great insight into motivations and true underlying attitudes.
Your reply at least makes sense.  But tell me, why are people so defensive
when someone takes exception to their language?  I don't get it.  If I used
a slur here - in this news group - that others considered offensive, I
would get blasted - and rightly so.  When I get hit as hard as I did for
what I asked, it gives me the distinct impression I embarrassed someone and
they retorted in anger - a quite normal response.  That was not my intent.
But I guess that's irrelevant.

I have pretty much believed in the conservative philosophy my whole life.
But what I read in this group more often than not makes me think I may be
totally wrong.  What I sense here is that it's OK to agree, it's OK to
disagree, but it is NOT OK to question.

Questioning does not necessarily imply disagreement.  There are many times
it implies a desire to further understand.  But not here.  If you are ever
interested, I can cite the issues to which I refer.

Papa Paul - I see morality, self-righteousness, Christianity, etc. used
here as nothing more than criticisms when a lack of same is perceived in
others.  Whenever I have raised a question about any of them, especially
about proactivity, I have been hit broadly with posts such as the previous
one when I asked a question about Christ.  It causes me to ask a lot of
questions about the true foundations of what I read here.  The anger hints
to me that these foundations do not invite scrutiny.  Why not?

Of all of the posters in this group I have witnessed the most sincerity in
what you write.  Maybe you can tell me, then.  I am at a total loss.

Stephen Frye

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