The women are always right.

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Dec 9 21:58:54 MST 1997

>No offense taken but then I'm not the masses. Anyway, certain terms are used
>to describe a very specific group and in this case the definition of
>feminazi (which you obviously don't know) would take considerable more
>typing. This is called a shorthand notation to simplify our communication.
>It is much easier to say 'feminazi' then to say 'that group of women that
>believe any sex between men and women, even if consentual, is rape and who
>not only advocate abortion but endevor to make it manditory based in their
>judgement (refer to "The Way Things Ought to Be", Rush L. Limbaugh III for
>the complete definition).' You can use the second description if you wish
>but when I refer to that group I will continue to use 'feminazi.'

Thank you for your reply.

Stephen Frye

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