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 >On a side note, I really think that the Attorney General should be an
 elected position, not appointed by the President.  That way you would
 certainly get more accountability to the people instead of the President.
 >still here.
       I don't think so -- the people elected Clinton
 and he ain't accountable unless Congress forces him
 to be so.(Read: Impeachment).  And, in the case of
 C.A. Reno, the congress has shown a pusilanemous
 refusal to make her accountable.(Read: Impeachment).

 Ken Wyman


My point was,that if the attorney general were an elected position than the
political prostitution, to which you refered in your orginal post would be
less likely to happen since the attorney general would not be appointed.

Granted it would be nearly impossible to do this, since this would require
changing the constitution.


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