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At 08:58 PM 12/9/97 -0800, you wrote:
>No need for the suit.
>I don't bait (at least not deliberately).  I don't believe in it.  I do,
>though, disagree.  I do believe in that.

Pardon??? You said you were not disagreeing when you took us to taks for so

>Maybe I can give you a long case in point - remember all the debate over
>the death penalty.  I questioned every person in this group who expressed
>favor for the death penalty.  Why?  Not because I disagreed - but because I
>wanted to know the reasons and basis for people's belief.  And I questioned
>every one of them - because I questioned the same things in myself.  Why?
>because I served on the penalty phase of a murder case where the
>prosecution was requesting the death penalty.  I was the foreman for that
>jury.  My signature went on the verdict form.  My name was read in court
>when the sentence was pronounced.
>The debate took place long after that trial, but I always wondered if I
>made the right decision in that case.  I wanted to see why people believed
>what they did.  Either position.  Maybe it would help clarify my own beliefs.

I recall that debate and several, including me, interpreted some of your
questions as opposing the death penalty not questioning your decision. Wrong
as we might have been that is the way your 'questions' were intreprited and
some seemed to me to be baiting. Again I suggest you be more clear in your
phrasology so we don't misinterpret.

>It didn't.

Some of life's answers are not simple. Some are unanswerable until we can
ask the Higest Authority. In the mean time we do the best we can with what
we've got.

>Assuming I told the truth on the 50 page questionnaire, and assuming I
>answered all of the jury selection questions honestly - all of which I did,
>then I must have at least been "not categorically opposed" to the death
>penalty to be even seated on the jury.
>It was probably the single most difficult decision I have ever made in my
>life.  I had to sign my name to an order that decided whether another man
>lived or died.  I still live with that decision, and I was truly curious
>how others believed, and why.
>I am NOT re-opening that debate.  this was simply an example.  And yes, I
>questioned vigorously.  That still didn;t imply disagreement.

Again the way you worded many 'questions' we not construed that way, at
least by me and based on responses of others, not by them either. Let me
suggest, then next time you feel your posts are bing attacked try rephrasing
them to make them seem more like the queries you claim is your intent.

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